The Spirit of Comfort: Guided Meditations to Help You Sleep


Listen to some of the most well respected, most watched, and most loved meditation teachers on YouTube! Let them help you enjoy a deep restful sleep tonight.

We’re so careful to cultivate WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow audio tracks so everyone can duplicate the relaxing, stress and anxiety free ritual that leads them off to sleep.

These audio tracks are all brand new creations made specifically for this sleep album and can’t be found anywhere else, and now we’re making them available to the public.

Here’s a sample of the topics you can expect to cover on the album;

  • Sleep hypnosis using cleansing rain
  • A deep body relaxation sleep meditation
  • Take your body and mind to the heavenly state of relaxing dreams
  • Enjoy a deep sleep meditation
  • Cultivate a stillness of mind that will allow you to sleep
  • Develop self-belief that you can sleep
  • Release the stress with our floating sleep meditation
  • A lullaby meditation just right for small children to help them sleep
  • The perfect way to start off your new day with a waking up meditation


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